Semblance (2017)

"Semblance" is about outward appearance. Inspired by today's world, and the way we view the people around us.  I try to have a positive message with all of my work.  It usually involves the way we fit into this world, whether it experiences, our lives now, or the hopes for the future.  This show was inspired by the challenges of today.  The way we perceive others.   For the birds in this series, I drew only four birds.  I transferred the drawings to print blocks and carved four variations of the same bird from each drawing.  Only the outward appearance changes, leaving the idea, at the core we are all the same.  The people in my series were individually carved and placed together in different combinations or alone.   By using vivid colors in the background, I hoped to accomplish a sense of displacement.  


The work was created using acrylics & ink on reclaimed wood with an epoxy resin coat. 

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