Semblance (2017)

"Semblance" is about outward appearance. Inspired by today's world, and the way we view the people around us.  I try to have a positive message with all of my work.  It usually involves the way we fit into this world, whether it be past experience, our lives now, or the hopes for the future.  This show was inspired by the challenges of today.  The way we perceive others. The people in my series were individually carved and placed together in different combinations or alone. By using vivid colors in the background I hoped to accomplish a sense of displacement.  

The work was created using acrylics & ink on reclaimed wood with an epoxy resin coat. 

FLUX (2013)

“Flux” is about change and moving through life.  Growing as a person and the importance and significance of objects and communication.  Everything from a Popsicle on a hot day when you’re a kid, to the power lines that keep us connected to the world around.  The airstream that may have inspired moving, the plane that took or will take us to a new destination, the camera that documented a moment in time.

This show was inspired by my nephew Forest and his exit from childhood to his entrance into the world as an adult.

Day of the Dead

Artwork inspired by one of my favorite holidays, Day of the Dead.


Some pieces made with shadow box mixed media and acrylic on wood. 

In and Around (2007)

My first official art show in Illinois.


A lot of experimenting with mixed media on wood.